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About Me
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About me

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I'm a redhead Capricorn born in the year of the tiger. I have never been accused of moderation. It's all or nothing! I am curious, a researcher, a must-find-the-answer kind of gal. I am a part-time vegetarian and love stir-fry and tofu. I get up hours earlier than the rest of the house to have my coffee, read, and organize my thoughts for the day. Don't mess with my ME TIME!

Despite being a planner, I am calm under fire and in the moment.

I'm a recovering detail-oriented perfectionist and love great spelling. However, I LOVE WRITING IN ALL CAPS and with exclamations ! ! !

I am a chaser of emotion. I love to be there with my camera, as this is my moment too. Between you and me, when I don't have a camera with me and spot a moment, I click my tongue and press an imaginary shutter release button. Voila! An internal image!

I have an ear for languages and an eye for great moments. But that's just the icing. I am an international wedding photographer with two home bases: Santa Cruz, California - home of the dreadlocks, granolas, surfers, and intellectual banana slugs. And don't forget Atlanta, Georgia, where the y'alls and hugs keep on coming!

There's so much more, but I'm interested in learning about YOU! Lets do it - coffee, sweet tea, granola, e-chat, you name it. TELL ME EVERYTHING ! IS YOUR DESTINATION YOUR BEACHFRONT HOMETOWN OR ACROSS THE GLOBE? Until then, honor your memories by photographing them one glance, moment, event, or destination at a time.



photo by christine bentley